Sunday Sermons

Sunday Sermons

Genesis: Jacob wrestles with God

Our series has taken us Genesis 32 where Jacob wrestles with God. Jonny Brennan explores the significance of the event and how God changes us but its not always easy! 29th January 2017  

Genesis: Abraham and Sarah

The second part of our new series “Questions God asks”  Geoff Parks asks the question “Is anything too hard for God?” Geoff talks from Genesis 18, exploring the story of Abraham and Sarah and the promises of God. 22nd January 2017

Genesis: Adam and Eve

In our first session of our new series, “Questions God asks” our guest speaker Adam Peel speaks on the Fall of Man, The inadequacy of religion and the Love and Justice of God. 15th January 2017


Alan Garner shares from Titus 2 v11-14 and God’s grace for us! God’s riches at Christ expenses is the Grace of God for all of us. We live between two epiphanies, the first and second coming of Christ our Lord. 1st January 2017