About us

About us

What kind of church are we?

We are a mainstream Christian church. We believe the same things as countless millions of other Christians around world. The Bible doesn’t talk about church being a building, but as people. At Bethany you will find people from different walks of life, but we all have one thing in common,[…]

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a loving and united fellowship centred on Christ. This is worked out in our “5 Aspects of Togetherness” Click find out more to see our vision

What we Believe

Our beliefs are based on the teaching given in the bible, which is the inspired word of God, and whilst we may differ on some minor points our main beliefs are held in common with all Christian churches, click find out more to see our beliefs

Who’s Who

Unlike some other churches Bethany does not have a full-time minister or pastor but rather our leaders (elders) are members of the church who we believe God has called to the role. Our Elders: Tim Parkinson Tim is currently church secretary and assistant treasurer. He became a Christian at the[…]